Friday, June 24, 2011

Sigma Beauty Palettes are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally these coveted palettes have arrived and I've already ordered mine.  I ordered Bare and Dare, the anticipation was killing me these look amazing and the payoff will give the Urban Decay Naked palette a run for its money especially considering that Sigma included more matte shades which I'm really excited about.  MakeupbyTiffanyD on YT has reviewed these palettes Sigma gave her the exclusive and in watching I fell in love with these palettes. If your interested in seeing that review here's the link

Stay tuned for swatches and tutorials using these palettes as soon as I get them.

Go to Sigma and get yours today!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

6 beauty crimes to avoid this summer

Make sure your summer beauty palette isn't making you commit a serious beauty crime!
Make sure your summer beauty palette isn't making you commit a serious beauty crime! Credit:, lusi
Ready to update your summer makeup palette? Lightening up your makeup bag to do away with heavy foundation and liquid products that will slide off in the heat is the first step towards your seasonal makeover. Elle beauty experts tell us summer's hottest beauty trends include pumped-up lip shades, and bold swipes of neon and jewel tones on the eyes. Can you pull off these runway-inspired trends like a pro? It's possible if you avoid some common beauty mistakes.
Here are six beauty crimes to avoid this summer:
#1: Wrong Brow Color
If your hair tends to lighten up naturally from all that extra sun exposure during the summer, make sure your brows are following suit. Thick and shapely brows are a hot trend for summer, but if you're going to fill them in with brow powder, make sure the powder is a perfect match! Going too light or too dark will be a dead giveaway of an artificial brow.
#2: Going Bold on Eyes AND Lips
While this is the season to turn up the color with neon hues and jewel tones, you need to do it on just one feature. Turning up the color on the eyes and lips will put you in the "overkill" category. Choose just a single feature you want to highlight for the day, and pick a color that complements your skin tone and natural eye color.
#3: Cakey and Flaky Foundation
If your skin tends to get drier during the summer months, liquid foundation has a high risk of caking and flaking on you by mid-day. If you're wearing too much foundation, your makeup may end up melting on you in the summer heat. Stick with a layer of primer, tinted moisturizer and mineral makeup for your skin type to create a flawless look this season.
#4: Lip Liner Mismatch
When you're sporting shimmering lip gloss and nude lipstick tones this season, make sure you're wearing lip liner that disappears underneath. Darker lip liner is a beauty crime in any season, but will be more apparent during the summer months when you choose more natural-looking shades.
#5: Blush Overload
Wearing blush with bronzer is a great way to warm up your look and create a flawless, sun-kissed finish -- just don't overdo it. Make sure you're choosing a powder blush that is in the right color family for your skin, and blend it thoroughly with an oversized blush brush to create the natural contours you need this summer.
#6: The Tanning Booth Routine
As much as you want to sport that just-got-back-from-the-Caribbean look before you sport a swimsuit this summer, hitting the tanning booth a few times per week will put you at an increased risk for skin cancer. It's also the fast track to getting wrinkles and sun spots. Stick with the bronzer and sunless tanners to warm up your look this season, and keep your tanning booth visits to a minimum -- skipping the tanning booth altogether is ideal.

Friday, June 3, 2011

MAC & Gareth Pugh Collection for Fall 2011

Get set everyone this is gonna be one of those collections that everyone is gonna want, a definate must have!!! So be prepaired to shop!!  So basically MAC and Gareth Pugh, the designer, have come together to launch a new collection for Fall 2011 be prepaired it's gonna be rich and decadent!! Gareth Pugh's collections are autobiographical rather than referential, and draw inspiration from Britain's extreme club scene. To me he's the next Alexander McQueen, rest his soul.  Set to launch in November, can't wait...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MEHRON Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment

I am in AWE...Mehron not only has a great product but the most courteous customer service. I attended The Makeup Show in NYC this month and purchased a tube of this product from the Mehron booth.  When I finally went through my goodies from the show I came to find that the tube was EMPTY! You can imagine my disappointment.  I can only guess that it must of been a tester that got mix in with the rest for purchase.  I than emailed Susan Small with public relations for Mehron and received an immediate response with an apology and an offer to have it replaced.  I was so excited!!! When I received my package I was happily surprised, they had sent me all three in the collection light, medium and dark!!    

Now those of you who know me know that I have oily skin so I was excited to test this product out and can honestly say that it's AMAZING!! I have tried other products before and some work and some didn't but nun lasted as long as this product did or were as inexpensive.  You can use this under your foundation or over your makeup to keep the shine away during the course of the day.  This has a primer like texture and blends seamlessly into your skin and it's not greasy or the other extreme flaky. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an anti shine product that actually works and is inexpensive. This product will be a staple in my kit and in my purse!

Thank you Mehron!!!! :) 

Mehron Product Description:
Mehron has formulated an incredible new Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment which removes shine instantly. The Tubes of Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment come in Dark Tint, Medium Tint and Light Tint. Just a dab of Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment removes the shine from makeup instantly. The Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment is one of the tricks that makeup artists keep in their bag for their on camera performers. This translucent formula developed exclusively by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, removes the shine with just a dab.

Price $8.95

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MAC v. MILANI Baked Mineralize Blushes

Well ladies now you can get that beautiful sunkissed glow for the summer and what's the best way to get that shimmery flush by usuing baked minerals that are refined into a powder formula to provide exceptionally sheer and lightweight coverage.
I love both these products but it just makes more sense to go with the cheaper option especially considering that they're so incredibly similar.  Milani offers you 9 color options Mac offers 6 options and with Milani's product you get a mirrored compact and a brush applicator. I just want to give you options ultimately it's your decision, so go and get your glow on!!! :)  

3.5 g / 0.11 US oz US$22.00
 Mineralize Blush

NET WT. 0.12 OZ / 3.5g e
Price: $7.99


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Allure Says: The 8 Best Eye Creams

By Kayleigh Donahue,
Wexler Intensive 3 in 1 Eye Cream
Identifying your eye issues—puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, dryness—is easy. Finding an eye cream that will make them disappear? Not so much. This guide takes away the guesswork.

For Crow's-Feet

A wrinkle, whether on the cheek or around the eyes, has the same number-one enemy: retinol. Apply a cream that contains it at night—UV exposure can break down the potent ingredient. We like Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream. If you find retinol too harsh on the delicate eye skin, go for a product with peptides, which, like retinol, stimulate collagen production. Try Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Intensive 3-in-1 Eye Cream

Wexler Intensive 3 in 1 Eye Cream

For Dark Circles

The only kind of punch you want anywhere near your eyes? The one-two combination of a treatment cream (long-term benefits) and a tinted formula (immediate circle masking). Olay Regenerist Eye Regenerating Cream + Touch of Concealer has niacinamide to help fade discoloration over time, while its skin-tone hue instantly tones down darkness.

Wexler Intensive 3 in 1 Eye Cream

For Puffiness

When you wake up with puffy eyes, you could soak black tea bags in cold water and place them over your eyes. Much simpler? An eye cream with skin-tightening caffeine. One that is distributed through a cooling applicator will deflate the area even faster. Estée Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator uses NASA-inspired technology to keep its ceramic tip permanently chilled.

Mega Moisture


Mega Moisturizers

If the skin under your eyes is as dry and thirsty as the Sahara, consider these creams a tall glass of water. RéVive Moisturizing Eye Renewal Cream relies on hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that can hold over 1,000 times its weight in water—meaning it'll flood your skin with moisture. And Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream helps stop the dryness cycle by decreasing your skin's level of a molecule called Serpin B3, which disrupts the creation of healthy cells and makes your skin rough and fragile.

Senstive Skin

For Senstive Skin

Skin that reacts angrily to everything it touches may make you hesitant to reach for a serious eye treatment. Don't be. Many companies now offer gentler formulas specifically made for sensitive skin. RoC Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream slowly releases retinol over time to prevent inflammation. "The time-release concept is a winner—it will likely have similar efficacy to regular retinol, in a gentler way, since you only have so much on the skin at any given moment," says dermatologist Ranella Hirsch. Or try paraben- and fragrance-free Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream; it contains chamomile and the company's signature thermal spring water to soothe and soften, dextran sulfate to reduce puffiness, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

UV Protection Cream

UV Protection

Because the skin around the eyes is so thin, it's extremely susceptible to sun damage—but also to turning red and itchy when slathered with regular sunscreen. To slash your chances of potential inflammation, choose a formula designed just for the eyes that uses physical (not chemical) sunblocks. Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care Ultra Protection SPF 30 fits the bill; plus, it has vitamin E to ward off free radicals.



Need a lift? You don't need surgery to firm up sagging skin. Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Eye Cream uses an ingredient called Elemi PFA to restore tensin, a protein naturally found in the skin that anchors cells and controls how they connect. "This can tighten and reinforce the skin," says dermatologist Jeannette Graf.


Natural Options

Your eyes don't have to look old just because you prefer to be green. Korres Quercetin & Oak AntiAgeing AntiWrinkle Eye Cream uses rhodiola rosea extract to reduce puffiness, as well as a yeast-derived agent to improve microcirculation, which will decrease the appearance of dark circles. Josie Maran Argan Day + Night Eye Cream gives you two creams in one jar: The day concoction in the top compartment brightens with vitamin C, while the night cream on the bottom has an amino acid to treat fine lines; both formulas contain a botanical complex that strengthens collagen.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Makeup Your Mind by Francois Nars

Finally the new book by Francois is out and available on  line or at your local Barnes & Noble.  Run and pick it up it has amazing makeup illustrations and How To's it's trylu worth every penny!

Here Nars combines his expertise in makeup and photography to create a makeover manual that transforms the application of makeup into the ultimate form of self-expression. The book celebrates Nars’s unrivaled vision as a makeup artist, providing visual and textual narratives of his cosmetic process, inspiring readers to re-create his lessons on their own, and featuring examples of the newest, freshest looks and color palettes popular today. Employing Nars’s own before and after makeover photographs of a variety of models of all different ages, races, and skin tones—and combining these images with the designer’s instructional sketches on transparent overlays—this volume is the definitive do-it-yourself guide for anyone interested in the transformative power of cosmetics.

Online Price 26.78 Barnes & Noble
List Price $45.00

Cover Image

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lip Liner Primer Dupe!!!

In my search for a colorless lip liner that will keep my lipstick and lipgloss from bleeding and also help it stay put especially with the summer coming.  Everything always seems to slide all over the place when it's warm 

I found the following and it's a steal for $3.00!!!

Lip Lock Pencil

e.l.f. Studio Lip Lock Pencil

Keep your lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner from feathering, traveling or budging with the smooth glide Lip Lock Pencil. Your lip color stays locked in place for continuous wear. The colorless formula is perfect for any skin tone and fills in fine lines around the lip.


Reverse Lipliner

Imagine being able to easily shape your lips without the harsh edges of a lip liner. DuWop introduces Reverse Lipliner, a colorless, matte pencil that when applied to the skin outside the lips produces a perfectly shaped pout while preventing lipstick and gloss from feathering.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate's Nail Polish Revealed!

Kate Middleton, now Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, isn't so different from you and me when it comes to choosing her nail polish.
According to her manicurist Marina Sandoval, Kate picked the classic Essie Allure for her big day. The sheer pink is a favorite of many a Marie Claire editor and was certainly in keeping with the timeless style of her wedding dress. Founder Essie Weingarten agrees saying, "Nothing is more classic or elegant than a perfectly flawless pale pink, it truly suited her beautifully."

Kate Middleton's Bridal Beauty

It's finally over and done it brings me back to Diane's wedding day she'd be so proud of her first born!! 
Kate looked absolutely beautiful and to find out that she did her own makeup herself, well that took me back a bit!! You go girl!!!  


After lessons from a top London Makeup Artist, Kate took her look to the next level.

Can we tell you why we're loving Kate's makeup? Besides the fact that she looks flawless—she did it herself! This modern royal was confident in applying the makeup for the big day after private lessons with London makeup artist Arabella Preston. Middleton made sure to her give tan complexion a bronze glow and highlighted the prominent planes of the face. Her brows are filled in but the overall arch is very soft—it frames her face beautifully. We love that she blended the eyes softly and steered clear from the harsh liner she sometimes sports—her blue peepers pop from the smokey bronze shades! Kate contoured her cheeks with a rosy bronze powder and gave the apples a pop pink/peach color to brighten her face. She kept lips subtle and fresh with a nude pink shade. We're so proud of her skills, she's a true confident beauty ready to rule. We can't wait to tell you which products she wore to get her signature bridal look so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fashion + BeautyThursday, April 28, 2011

by Allure Daily Beauty Reporter

Hail to the queen! Drag queen, that is. Last night, Raja was crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar during the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race. At the official finale preview party, I caught up with Raja and the finalists, who each shared their top beauty tips to, as RuPaul would say, "looking good, feeling gorgeous." 

Manila Luzon

First runner-up Luzon is a New York native whose style is as creative as it is endearingly kitschy.

1. Load on mascara. "Just when you think that you have put too much mascara on and you look like Tammy Faye Bakker—God rest her soul—just put another tube on. I always use Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. It’s a classic and it does a great job."

2. The bigger the hair, the better. "If a girl is feeling a little fat, if a girl is feeling short, if a girl is just not feeling right about herself, all she needs to do is jack out her hair. It will make the proportions of your body look so much better if you have bigger hair. You must have a good back-teasing comb for that. You can find one at any beauty supply store for like $2. And that’s really what drag is all about. It’s all about looking like a million dollars, but spending $12."

3. High heels.
 "You must always have fierce-ass shoes, girl. Shoes make you taller and longer, they make your legs look longer and thinner, they make your feet look much, much, much, much smaller. And when you’re a man and you’ve got a size 10 or 11 foot, they’re helpful. You don’t want to be a beautiful goddess walking around with Ronald McDonald feet. I like to find shoes that have a little sparkle to them."


Raja's high-fashion looks run the gamut from pin-up to tribal. Her beauty skills run deep, thanks to 17 years as a makeup artist (10 of those at a M.A.C. counter).

Moisturize day and night. "Moisturizing just keeps your skin looking youthful. Ultimately, we’re all animals and we have to upkeep our hides. I mean, it seems really primal and weird, but honestly they are our hides so we have to keep them soft and supple." Raja uses Aveda All-Sensitive Moisturizer during the day, and Sampar Lavish Dream Cream at night.

Flirt. "Flirting is one of the greatest beauty tips, because as long as you’re flirting, you’re smiling and the muscles in your face are nice and tight. I’ve been flirting for 36 years, and it’s worked for me."

3. Customize your scent
. "I go between six different scents, and I mix women’s and men’s together. One of my favorites right now is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. It has that rustic feel of tobacco but yet it’s super-soft and kind of candy-like with the vanilla, which is really like my personality. It’s a combination of rugged with a touch of lady. You’ve always got to have a touch of lady."

Alexis Mateo

Ultra-femme and glamorous, Mateo does her homeland of Puerto Rico—the arguable beauty pageant capital of the world—proud.

1. Don't be scared of makeup. "Women are too scared of makeup. Makeup is made for women, and we drag queens just borrow it. But drag queens are showing girls that it’s ok to be feminine. My favorite brands are La Femme Cosmetics and M.A.C. The colors are dark and intense and they really show up."

2. Clean hair
. "It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight or up or down: As long as it’s clean, it’s beautiful. I use Pantene Pro-V Curls to Straight Shampoo. I have curly, frizzy hair, and that shampoo really controls my frizz. Plus it’s cheap!"

3. A signature fragrance. "Having one favorite scent just automatically makes you feel pretty. People recognize it, and you’re familiar with it, and it makes you associate certain things with that scent. This is going to sound super-corny, but I love White Diamonds. It reminds me of my mother. Anytime I smell it, it reminds me of love. I wear it all the time. I’m actually wearing it tonight!"

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I can't say enough about this event it was incredible all the vendors and the people that were there were so incredibly nice and helpful!!
Like any event it had it's Pro's and Con's.  The site chosen this year was amazing, I really did enjoy the locale, it was definately access friendly for all.  The IMATS staff were amazingly sweet and accomadating...thanx you guys!!!!!

Now... I was pleasantly surprised by most of the vendors especially EYE KANDY and NAKED and dissapointed in 1(one)!!  Let's just get to that, INGLOT!!  That had to be the most unorganized booth I had ever seen!! The holiday rush at the mall is more organized than that was...yeeeessssh!  I was literally on line for two and half hours before I even came close to the booth itself.  When I finally got there people were jumping the line and trying to get in and choosing there colors which meant other people couldn't pick there's, it was such a mess!!! :(

I did manage to meet a couple of my favorite guru's Koren from Enkore Makeup and Julieg713 even though I only got a picture with'm such a spazzzz!!!  I also got to meet Tate from Face-Off!!!!  

I'll be doing a haul video soon so you guys can see what I picked up!!! :)          

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazing MAC 188 & 187 Brush Dupes!!!!!

I was realy lucky in finding these dupes!! The small duo fibre brush which is a dupe for MAC's 188 and also the larger vesion the 187 which is called the duo fibre brush are extremely expensive at MAC. So I'm giving you a couple of options, I hope you guys check them out!!!  Let me know what you think!

MAC 188 - $34.00
MAC 187 - $42.00

Sigma F55 - $14.00
Sigma F50 - $16.00

Sonia Kashuk
Small Duo Fibre - $10.99
Duo Fibre - $12.99 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

YSL Radiant Touche Éclat Concealer Pen DUPE!!!!

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to share one of my dupe finds for YSL Radiant Touch Touche Éclat Concealer Pen which you can find at any drugstore that sells the Milani products. I also found the weight on the product and your definately getting more with the YSL but it still doesn't justify spending $40.00 on a concealer when I can get a similar product for $6.99!!!!  Hope you like!! :) 

The description of the products are very similar;

 HD ADVANCE CONCEALER click, cover, correct & protect eye and face

Size: 0.045 oz


Available in 4 concealing shades.

HD Advance Concealer click pen covers imperfections, dark circles, with a weightless,
good-for-your-skin liquid formula that leaves a natural finish as it brightens with a soft
focus for flawless skin.

TOUCHE &#201;CLAT<br>Radiant Touch

Radiant Touch

What it is:
A luminizing pen that brings light and radiance to the skin, immediately erases any signs of fatigue, and brightens the complexion.

What it does:
Loved by models, makeup artists, celebrities, and women everywhere, the award-winning Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch is like eight hours of sleep and an instant pick-me-up in a magic wand. With a few strategically placed strokes of TOUCHE ÉCLAT, the complexion immediately looks rested, rejuvenated, and radiant.

What else you need to know:
TOUCHE ÉCLAT banishes shadows and tired-looking eyes by adding light and creating an instant lift to the eye area. TOUCHE ÉCLAT widens eyes when used between the eyebrows and along the sides of the nose, and creates fuller looking lips when used in the hollow of the chin and around the contour of the lips. It's formulated for all skin types and for anyone who wants instant radiance, luminosity, and lift.

Available in 7 concealing shades.
Size: 0.1 oz

Thursday, March 3, 2011

MAC *Wonder Woman* Collection Mascara Dupes & March Giveaway!!!!!!!!

wwmacdup lips 009.jpgwwmacdup%20lips%20008.jpg

So Excited to find these as you can see the purple one is really pigmented and so are the blue and the green.  You can tell better definately when the light hits it!!!

Definate dupe for the MAC Opulash. 

 Wonder Woman Opulash

I'll try to put yup the other colors as well.


MAC Wonder Woman Collection

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to share my buys and thoughts on the new Wonder Woman Collection from MAC!!!!

I was so excited to go to the store and finally get some of the stuff.  I knew what I wanted and unfortunately the only thing I didn't get that I wanted was the colored mascaras!!  :(

I didn't get any of the eyeshadows, I just felt that they weren't unique enough to splurge the money on them and the lipglasses were just way to big.  Don't get me wrong your getting a great deal for the amount of product, but I would never use all that lipgloss, it would take me a couple of years...LOL....but I did get some great pieces!!! 

What I did get.....

The Wonder Woman Powder Blush in Amazon Princess

The Wonder Woman Mineralized Skin Finish in Pink Power

The Wonder Woman lipstick in Marquise d' and Spitfire

 Wonder Woman Lipstick Wonder Woman Lipstick

I'm wearing the Spitfire shade and I topped it with Milani 3D Glitzy Lipgloss in Fashion Diva.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7 Fix-Anything Beauty Tricks To Steal From Celebrity Makeup Artists


Even the hottest A-listers have flaws: not-so-small noses, monster zits, thin lips, you name it. Who makes it all less noticeable? Their makeup artists, of course. The most talented of their kind spill their secrets, so you can fake perfection too.

By Jessica White

Bigger, Sexier Eyes
First, reach for liner. Skip black — like an LBD, it narrows your shape — and use a colored one to define your top lash line, says celebrity makeup artist Carmindy. (Blues and greens not your thing? Reach for slate, which looks awesome on everyone.) Now, swipe a shimmery white shadow onto your inner corners in a sideways V shape to catch light, which widens eyes. Finally, make your eyelash curler your BFF. Crimping the top lash line angles hairs so tips are closer to your brows, expanding the entire eye area. Immediately lock in the curve with two coats of lengthening mascara. Try: Wet n Wild Idol Eyes, $2 each

Plush, Pillowy Lips

Grab a colorless lip balm with shimmer, and apply it to the skin just above your cupid's bow — the area below your nose and between the peaks of your top lip. Adding light to that area creates the illusion of larger lips, explains Carmindy. Then apply a moisturizing lipstick. Hydrating ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, bind pout-plumping water to your mouth. Make sure it has a high-shine finish; matte versions don't reflect light. Finish with a swipe of the shimmery balm on the center of your bottom lip. Try: Sally Hansen Full and Radiant Lip Definer, $9.95

Perfect-Looking Skin
Using a concealer brush, apply cover-up to any pimples, making short, quick motions, like you're spackling. Why a brush? The tapered bristles can get into the crevices of a blemish better than your fingers can, says Mally Roncal, celeb makeup artist in NYC. Be sure your concealer is made with zit-zapping salicylic acid; two separate formulas (zit cream and cover-up) layered won't stick to skin. Set everything in place with a skin-tone matching powder. Try: Dior Concealer Brush, $22

Killer Cheekbones
To make round cheeks look more chiseled, you'll need a highlighting powder and a bronzer that's two shades darker than your skin tone. (Get both in a multicolor palette, like the one at left.) Make a fish face, and dust the bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks. Smile, then brush the highlighter from the apples of your cheeks to your temples. "The contrasting tones define and shape cheekbones," says Los Angeles makeup artist Joanna Schlip. Try: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze, $38

Uniform Brows
If you've tried filling in a brow scar without much luck, check this out. "The skin on a scar is smoother and has fewer pores, so pencils and fine powders just don't adhere," says Carmindy. Tinted waxes or creams are a better-sticking option. Choose one in a shade that matches your brows, and make short, light strokes in the direction of hair growth. Finish by blending color through the entire brow (not just the bald spot) for an even, believable shape. Try: Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer Tinted Wax, $9

A Tinier Forehead
Bangs will instantly fill the gap between your brows and hairline. But if you'd rather not make the cut, reach for a matte bronzer (shimmer will spotlight the area's size) and a big powder brush. "Bronzer creates a shadow, helping a too-large area appear smaller," says Schlip. Swirl bristles into the bronzer, and tap off any excess to keep the shade light and natural. Sweep the brush along your hairline from temple to temple several times then in circles to blend. Try: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Bronzing Veil, $12
A Slimmer Nose
Shrink a larger or wider nose with this two-pronged attack: Apply your usual foundation to your nose, then swipe a streak of highlighter down the center of its bridge and back up in a straight line. "The paler color sandwiched between the foundation-coated skin will make the sides of your nose appear darker and slimmer in seconds," says Carmindy. Set with translucent powder, which won't darken the illusion.Try: Mark Hook Up Highlighter in Natural, $6