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The Beauty Products Celebrities Can't Get Enough Of

By Heather Muir, Allure magazine

Like beauty editors, celebrities get sent tons of makeup, hair, and skin products—after all, which beauty company wouldn't want A-lister X or teen star Y talking up their stuff? So, of everything they try, which do they go back to again and again? We got the scoop on the beauty goods these seven leading ladies keep in stock.
Amy Adams: She played a tough girl in The Fighter, but in real life, Adams has a girly side: She loves pink lip gloss—in particular, Jouer Lipgloss in Mirage. According to her makeup artist, Steve Sollito, she orders it by the dozens.

Natalie Portman: Despite her insane schedule over the past year (what film hasn’t she been in?), Portman’s skin always looks flawless. Her secret weapon? According to makeup artist Jeanine Lobell, Portman is loyal to Joelle Ciocco Sensitive Cleansing Milk.

Kelly Ripa:
When you tape a daily, live TV show, your hair takes a beating (think intense blow-drying, curling, and flatironing). Ripa has her hairstylist, Oscar Blandi, apply a few drops of his Jasmine Oil to her damp hair before styling to prevent fuzz and enhance shine.

Kim Kardashian:
At the SAG Awards, Kardashian tweeted that she left her false lashes at home and was batting her real ones on the red carpet. So what mascara tube does she always have on hand? “I love Anastasia’s [Lash Lifting] Mascara. When you use it, it kind of creates these little tubes that go over your lashes. It doesn’t clump up,” Kardashian has told us. P.S. She’s a fan of Anastasia’s brow kit, too.

Gwyneth Paltrow:
Some celebrities slather on luxe face creams to keep their skin dewy and radiant. But Paltrow prefers something of a different texture: Rodin Olio Lusso, a golden-colored oil. “I have really dry skin, and I like using this oil on my face—it smells amazing. Your skin gets that really hydrated glow,” she has told us.

Olivia Wilde: Not only does Wilde’s hair undergo dramatic dye jobs for different movie roles (sometimes bleach blonde; sometimes jet black), but the sun takes its toll, too. “I live at the beach, so I coat my hair in Josie Maran Argan Oil year-round; it keeps my hair healthy despite the harshness of the sun and the sea,” Wilde has told us.

Blake Lively: The uptown Gossip Girl doesn't scrimp when it comes to beauty. She told us she wears Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks ("In matte neon colors") and Crème de la Mer moisturizer.

Victoria Beckham: The budding designer (and cover girl of the March issue of Allure) doesn't leave home without her lip gloss. "Wherever I go, I've always got my Lancôme Juicy Tubes," she told us.

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Best Makeup for Your Valentine's Day Look


How does a Good Housekeeping beauty product tester get glam for V-day? Read on to find out which makeup products she thinks are key to creating a romantic look.

A Great Eyeliner
Liquid liner, which makes your eyes look dramatic, is perfect for a date. I use it on my upper lash line to make it look thicker. My fave: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner, which came out tops in our waterproof eyeliner test. The felt-tip pen-like applicator is so easy to use, it's hard to mess up! Plus, it really will stay on all night. If you're not into trying liquid liner, my other recommendation is Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof Eyeliner. This product goes on so smoothly you'd think there's no way it won't smudge, but you'll be surprised. It stays exactly where you put it.

A Flirty Lipgloss

When I'm on a date, I don't want just plain shine, I want color impact as well. Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze has the gleam and wearability of a gloss plus strong, pigmented color. I like Endless Lilac.

A Sparkling Smile
Make sure your teeth are sparkling white for all that smiling you'll be doing! Go Smile Whitening Light ($198, gosmile.com) can lighten teeth an average of 1.6 shades in one use. For a more budget friendly buy, try Crest Whitestrips.

Related: Best Teeth Whiteners

Dramatic Mascara

I've been using d.j.v. beautenizer Volume Lash for the past few weeks and have become a big fan of its "3-D Film Coating Formula" that thickens the lashes while also making them look longer. Best of all, it's never clumpy.

A Versatile and Effective Hair Styling ToolI think of my hair as the icing on the cake. As the Remington Frizz Therapy Iron is kind of skinny in size, I actually use it to curl the ends of my hair under and create curls around my face. Check out all the YouTube videos with tutorials on how to use flat irons to curl you hair to get more out of your straightening iron.

— By Mary McConnell

Beauty Product Ingredients to Look For


Whether you've got chapped lips, fine lines or a serious case of razor burn, there are plenty of products out there that claim they can treat your beauty woes. But not all products are created equal. We spoke with experts to find out what ingredients you should look for the next time you hit the drugstore's beauty aisle.
Chapped Lips
Every winter your lips get dry and flaky, which, if you're not careful, can lead to painful chapping. According to Neal Schultz, MD, a New York City–based cosmetic dermatologist and founder of DermTV.com, the key to a good lip balm is its ability to hold in moisture. "The two most important things are petroleum and beeswax," says Dr. Schultz. "And a good rule of thumb is, if it's cold enough to put on a coat, it's cold enough to put on lip balm." Try: Beeswax Lip Balm, $3; BurtsBees.com.

Razor Burn
Of course you want smooth, hair-free legs, but razor burn can defeat the purpose of shaving altogether. Not only is it unsightly—with red skin and bumps—but it itches like crazy. As Dr. Schultz explains in this DermTV.com episode, the most important thing is to shave at the end of your shower, using shaving gel—not soap and water. "And don't use a throw-away razor, use a blade that has two or three parallel blades," he adds. "Those tend to be silicone-coated." If you've already got those red bumps, Rebecca Kazin, MD, spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology, says the best treatment is a topical lotion with hydrocortisone. Try: Aveeno Maximum Strength 1% Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Cream, $6.79; Walgreens.com.

Fine Lines

Aging is a part of life, but that doesn't mean you can't try to slow it down a bit! "For fine lines, you want to increase cell turnover, which will help with collagen remodeling," Dr. Kazin says. For that, she recommends products with retinol, glycolic acid and salicylic acid, as well as antioxidants like vitamin C. And add peptides to that list, says Dr. Schultz. Try: Olay Regenerist Deep Hydration Regenerating Cream, $17.09; Drugstore.com.
Discover the anti-aging secrets dermatologists know.

When it comes to over-the-counter acne treatments, Dr. Schultz says there are five key ingredients to look for: salicylic acid, an exfoliant that helps get rid of pimples as well as prevent them; benzoyl peroxide, a topical antibiotic and exfoliant that’s good for inflammatory and non-inflammatory pimples; sulfur, which helps peel and decrease inflammation; resorcinol, a drying astringent; and glycolic acid. "While the other four [ingredients] are going to be for acne-prone and oily skin, glycolic acid can be used for all skin types." Try: NeoStrata Lotion Plus—AHA 15, $35; DermStore.com.

Brittle Nails
While there's no surefire treatment for dry or brittle nails, Dr. Kazin says biotin supplements can help strengthen nails as well as hair. However, she says the best treatment is prevention. "A lot of times people have brittle nails from acrylics, so just make sure you aren’t using acrylics and tips, which can really weaken your nails." Try: Finest Natural Biotin 1,000 mcg Dietary Supplement Tablets, $8.99; Walgreens.com.

Stretch Marks
Whether they’re from pregnancy or other growth spurts, stretch marks are a tough nut to crack. According to Dr. Schultz, the only treatment that has shown any scientifically verified benefit is retinol (a.k.a. retinyl). "This isn't something that works great for stretch marks, but [it] fails least," he says. There is one big caveat to using it, however: Steer clear if you're pregnant. "You don't want any retinols in your system if you're pregnant—it causes birth defects," Dr. Schultz says. Try: Vaseline Intensive Care Renewal Age-Redefining Body Lotion, $7.99; Drugstore.com.

Dry Face
In addition to chapped lips, a dry face is another big winter woe. But how you treat it depends a lot on your skin type. "If you're under 50, try really good humectants, like glycerin and urea," Dr. Schultz says. "But probably one of the best ingredients is hyaluronic acid, which is in fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm. The reason they work so well is that once they go into the skin, they absorb water, which is a good moisturizing ingredient as well." Try: Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30, $8.99; Drugstore.com.

Shiny or Oily Face
Treating an oily face is similar to treating and preventing fine lines, according to Dr. Kazin. Products with glycolic and salicylic acids will decrease oil production as well as the appearance of oil. But for those with combination skin, she recommends “an oil-free moisturizer and then a powder with SPF on your nose.” Dr. Kazin also suggests “those blotting papers; they work really well and you're not just continually putting on more makeup and powder, which can clog your pores and cause breakouts." Try: Boots Expert Shine Control Papers, $4.49; Target.com.

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Spring 2011 Beauty Trend: Purple Rain


 Prince put it best when he sang, "I only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple rain." And it looks like we'll be seeing a whole lot of purple come springtime. Before you make your judgments about this bold shade, you should know that it comes in a variety of hues, making it very easy to incorporate into your beauty look.

If you're more of risk-taker with your makeup, then you'll want to take a page from the Armani Privé Spring 2011 Couture show and go for a deep purple lip. But if subtlety is more your thing, then try a ladylike lavender or violet nail polish instead. However daring you choose to be, your options are limitless. To get you started, click through for some of my favorite purple beauty products to try now.

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Spring 2011 Bright Eyes: Go Bold With Your Shadow

Bright colors for spring isn't anything new in the beauty world, but this spring we are seeing an onslaught of extremely bold and bright. At shows such as Dior, Etro, Betsey Johnson and Derek Lam we saw the makeup artists play with a mix of everything from lime green to neon blue on the lids of models. Learning to make this look more accessible for day is obviously a little daunting (come on, none of us are going to wear hot orange shadow from the crease to our brow in broad daylight) but we have some tricks to share with you below.

Dior SS2011, Imaxtree

At Dior's show the models strutted their stuff sporting a broad range of colors on their eyelids. If you're not sure that you can pull off a hot pink lid but want to try the neon hue, try the shade by just finding a shadow of the same shade, wetting a brush, and lining the top lash line of your eye with the shadow (which you've now made into liner).

Etro SS2011, Imaxtree

Etro used the ever-popular purple shade to cover the lids of their models. The gorgeous color is easy to convert to everyday for a purple smoky eye, by simply combining a neutral shadow and constricting the shade to just your crease.

Betsey Johnson SS2011, Imaxtree

Obviously the makeup at Betsey Johnson is a bit more dramatic than your typical everyday, but this green color is a fun way to dress up your eyes for a night out. Whether you want to tone it down with just a colored mascara (this brightens your eyes and gives you that extra pop of color) or want to go for a bit more drama and line underneath your eye with a bright liner, is totally up to you.

LAMB SS2011, Imaxtree

All the girls at L.A.M.B. had a very Gwen Stefani feel to their hair (circa No Doubt, after the pink hair phase). The makeup complimented the look with swipes of metallic shadow across the lids all the way into the corner of the eye. Going this metallic and this bold is a bit daring, so to take it down a notch by trying a shimmery shade focused just on your crease.

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Sephora Introduces 'Makeup Plus'

By Rachel Adler

Sephora may be coming to the rescue for those of us who often wonder about the ingredients that we're putting on to our skin, with their just launched section of their site, Makeup Plus. The section is meant to bring information and an easier understanding about some of the most complex formulas and strange names on the back of your cosmetic bottles.

Sectioning off the products by ingredient and explaining the benefits of the main ingredient, Sephora makes it easy to figure out what a product will do for you, and why you need that product. With subcategories such as Argan Oil, Amazonian Clay, and Wild Rose we're excited to see what Sephora will be featuring (and teaching us) in the coming months.

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'Glee's' Key Makeup Artist Gives Us The Inside Scoop by Beauty High

I found this article and I'm just amazed to get the inside scoop in the makeup behind the scenes this was such an incredible find...I hope you enjoy!!!

We caught up with Eryn Krueger Mekash, head of the makeup department for the show to get the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes during the season.

Spring 2011 Trends: Pat McGrath Chats Beauty For Spring

First of all, how did you get into makeup for film and tv? More specifically, how did you become a part of the Glee team?

Eryn Krueger Mekash: I've been doing makeup on myself since I was in 3rd grade! I've always made my own Halloween costumes, since I was a little girl. I took art classes all through school and when I went to The Thing and American Werewolf In London for a drive-in double feauture I knew that's what I wanted to do. During college, I went to a makeup effects school on the weekends, and I applied to lots of effects shops around town that summer of 1986 - the height of the makeup effects era - and John Buechler of MMI took pity on me and gave me a job. I was thrilled to make $110 a week working 50 hours - it was my first full time job and I was 18 - I was making my dream come true!

Many years later, my top makeup friend James Mackinnon did a pilot called Nip/Tuck for Ryan Murphy. James asked me to be his second in command and take over the show when he went back to his other show Alias. I stayed on Nip/Tuck with Stephanie Fowler as my second for the next 6 seasons. I also did Ryan's films Running With Scissors and Eat, Pray, Love. He brought me on Glee at the end of Nip/Tuck. Ryan is an incredibly dedicated admirer of makeup, hair and costumes and I am very grateful to have worked for such an appreciative boss for the past 8 years.

That's an incredible journey! What are some of your favorite products to use on set?

EKM: We love many products- we have ADD when it comes to makeup. Kelley Mitchell is my key and Jen Greenberg is my third. We use Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water Cloths, Moisture Foundation and Oriental Plants Skin Lotion Spray quite a bit. We also love Makeup Forever HDfoundation Matte Velvet Foundation and Acqua Cremes for staying power. MAC Lip Glasses, Stila Convertible Color, Julie Hewett Cheekies and her Kiki lipstick. Votre Vu's groovy duette which is a lip balm in the lid and almond hand cream in the tube. La Mer moisture cream and powders, Jao hand sanitizer, the list goes on and on...

Does all of the dancing and singing on set affect what makeup you choose?

EKM: Absolutely. We use Colorscience Sunforgettable Powders which are waterproof on the guys so we don't need to touch up the makeup as much. We still need to maintain the perspiration on everyone - we carry an arsenal of hand fans. Makeup Forever Mist and Fix, Stila Convertible colors (the cream blushes stay better), primers help to keep everything in place, but really it's a constant struggle. You are always on your toes.

Most of the actors on Glee are in their 20's, though they're playing high schoolers on TV. How do you keep them looking young and age appropriate for the show?

EKM: We keep everything very bright cheeks and glossy lips. I like to see skin through the foundation, even though we warm them up for camera. Our lighting tends to be cool tones so I don't want all the blues and pinks showing through too much so we knock that down and bring up the warmth. Healthy looking skin is an important part of the youthful look - and not too much powder, not heavy foundation.

How do the different characters personalities affect their overall makeup look?

EKM: Everyone has a different look. The Cheerios are more Stepford Wifesy - more glamour and perfection. Mercedes' makeup lends to the jewel tones because her character is very full of life and sparkly. Rachel's look is subdued and clean to emphasize her controlled lifestyle. Tina is outrageous because of her punk/goth influences. Emma started as wide-eyed innocence but now that she's married she has a "French" influence and we do Sue Sylvester in all of her glory - Jane is a beautiful woman and her makeup is a direct contrast to Sue's witty bitterness. Ryan Murphy has definite ideas for each character, so we start with his inspirations first. I usually build off what he initially visualizes and come to a happy agreement.

Sephora Introduces 'Makeup Plus'

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of working on the Glee set?

EKM: My favorite parts are character development and creating all of our theme shows. Also, I'm working with longtime friends - a large percentage of the crew is from Nip/Tuck. My least favorite part is the long hours - sometimes you can barely function by Thursday. It's like shooting a film you haven't prepped, a Broadway show, and three music videos all rolled up in one week. Rewarding, yes, but Glee is a total brain-fryer.

Sounds like fashion week all season long! What challenges are presented working on a TV set with multiple characters vs. working on traditional photo shoots or fashion shows?

EKM: It's a completely different situation and really can't be compared. I have mostly done film - Glee in itself is much harder, even than the war films I have done. There is hardly a moments rest. Even the photoshoots for Glee are completely different than regular photoshoots. The main difference is that we get 20 cast members ready through makeup, hair and wardrobe as quickly as possible. We rarely have any prep time and the vast amount of work and having to be "on" all the time is more challenging than anything I've ever done. I constantly hear from guest makeup artists that come in to help us out, "I don't know how you do it. I could never do this show full time." I think when you are doing photoshoots and fashion shows you have more design time, maybe more energy expended for a shorter period of time. We are constantly problem-solving for 16 hours a day.

If we looked in your personal makeup bags, what would we find?

EKM: Haha! I have a tiny makeup bag and it contains an almost empty Cle De Peau concealer, a Sugar lip balm, a dual ended Urban Decay pencil in black and brown and a very worn down Chanel taupe eyebrow pencil. The makeup goes on at stoplights, unfortunately. When I dress up, I will sit with a mirror at my dining room table and do a full beat-down beauty makeup for 45 minutes on myself. Other than that, I leave glamour to the people in front of the cameras.

And finally, as a viewer, who is your favorite character on the show?

EKM: It's a hard decision - I love all of them. I think that Kurt Hummel is probably my child, though.

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Valentine's D♥y Smokey Eye / Purples and Blues

Hi All,

This is a fun night out look for all differnet types of eye colors.  It's a nice twist on a smokey eye vs. the usual black and silver smokey eye looks.... hope you enjoy!!!


Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original

*(The combination of the following 3 eyeshadows were used to get the same effect as MAC Stars n Rockets)
Wet n Wild - Lagoon  (Shimmer)                              
Clinique - Beach Plum (Shimmer)                                     
Wet n Wild - no name (light shimmer finish lavender)     

Jane - Blue Jean (Satin)        * Mac dupe ( Deep Truth)
Revlon - Riviera Blue ( Matte)        * Mac dupe ( Colbalt)

Brow Highlight - MAC Naked Lunch Pigment

Stila Kajal Pencil - Onyx

Estee Lauder Turbo Lash Mascara

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How to Achieve Perfect Smokey Eyes - Makeup Looks, Tips and Tricks

What You Will Need

- Petroleum jelly or makeup primer.
- At least 3 eyeshadows in different shades of the one colour. Blacks and greys work the best, while blue, green and purple tones may also be used depending on your eye color.
- Dark kohl eyeliner. Once again black is the best but the effect can still be achieved with grey or even blue.
- A makeup brush set containing eyeshadow sponges, eyeshadow brushes of different sizes and a large blush or kabuki brush.
- Translucent dusting powder.
- A thick voluminising mascara, once again preferably in black.
Go to fullsize image

Estee Lauder Signature Eye Shadow Quad in Black Smoke Gives a Dramatic Eye ...

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NYX smokey eye palette has produced many incarnations of eye makeup ...


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Kat Von D Adora Eye Palette Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer in Smoky ...

How to Achieve Sexy Smokey Eyes

The method for this is quite simple.
Before you start, you might like to use a primer or a small amount of petroleum jelly on the eyelids. This makes the effect last a lot longer.
1. Base colour.
Choose the medium colour out of your 3 eyeshadows and use it to cover the eyelid just up past the crease. Also use this shade to lightly add a bit of definition to the outer corner of your lower eyelid.

2. Highlight colour.
Blending well, use the lightest shade above the medium eyeshadow, up onto the brow bone. This will create a "highlighted" effect and define your eyes, as well as make them pop.
3. Shadow colour.
Using the darkest colour you have select it place it on the lowest parts of the upper lid, close to where you would put eyeliner.
4. Blend!
Blend these colours well so you can still see 3 shades if you look closely, but make sure they have a gradient effect.

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Winter Fashion Buys you won't Regret

By Joyann King, HarpersBazaar.com
Despite the frigid temps and Vitamin D-lacking blues, the one thing you can smile about this winter is your wardrobe prowness. We've gathered 10 celeb-tested winter staples that will never go out of style. So eyeing that camel coat in the window or a chunky knit cardigan? Take the sartorial plunge — we're betting you'll get your money's worth.
Cameron Diaz - Camel Coat
Photo: INFphoto.com

Camel Coat

Camel might be on the forefront of fashion these days, but this chic hue has never had a passé moment when it comes to coats. Seen on the shoulders of Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn and now Cameron Diaz, this classic topper is the epitome of luxe and glamour.

Sarah Jessica Parker - Chunky Knit Cardigan
Photo: INFphoto.com

Chunky Knit Cardigan

Chunky, cabled knits are always great for warming up by the fire on a white, winter night, but the borrowed-from-boys cardigans have just as much staying power on the street. Sarah Jessica Parker knows the chic trick — a waist-defining belt.

Sophisticated Sportswear

More from HarpersBazaar.com
Zoe Saldana - Sportswear
Photo: Albert Michael/Startraksphoto.com
A chic turtleneck and pair of flattering leggings are the basis for thousands of winter layering combinations. But, as Zoe Saldana proves, also make for sleek stand-alone attire.

Bright Carryall

Bright Carryall - Gwyneth Paltrow
Photo: INFphoto.com
A bright carryall works much like a smile does when you are feeling down — it instantly lifts your mood and elevates your outfit. Gwyneth Paltrow chose fuchsia for her winter pick-me-up, but red, green, or bright blue are equally as uplifting.

Leather Biker Jacket - Jennifer Anniston
Photo: Peter Smith/Startraksphoto.com

Leather Biker Jacket

Literally the perfect transition coat, a leather jacket is surprisingly warm, without being bulky. Whether sleek like Jennifer Aniston's or featuring all the biker bells and whistles, it instantly adds street style cred to your look.

Kristen Bell - Winter White Pants
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Winter White Pants

Rules concerning white are so passé. Simply trade your bright white skinny jeans for a slouchy wool pair. Add a touch of metallic and a tailored jacket like Kristen Bell and you'll consider this look a wintertime essential.

Plaid Wrap

Plaid Wrap - Gwen Stefani
Photo: Splash News
Tartan plaid, glen plaid, or buffalo check, plaid is to winter what flowers are to spring. Look for a wrap in a patterned fabric — you can't go wrong with Gwen Stefani's black and white checks, to play double duty as a jacket and a coat.

Patent Leather Pumps - Anne Hathaway
Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty

Patent Leather Pumps

Just because it's snowing outside doesn't mean your party look has to suffer. A pair of patent leather pumps (no peep-toe) are your evening shoe go-to. They are durable against slush and, as Anne Hathaway proves, look just as great with a pair of cozy tights as they do without.

Boucle Jacket - Sienna Miller
Photo: Nick Sadler/Startraksphoto.com

Boucle Jacket

A knubby, loopy boucle jacket is a working woman's godsend for wintertime dressing, adding texture and shine to sensible separates. And while it is as comfy as your favorite grandpa cardigan, its day-to-night sensibilities, as Sienna Miller proves, are what truly make it a serial best seller.

Tailored Blazer- Reese Witherspoon
Photo: Bauer Griffin

Tailored Blazer

A tailored topper — while not your best bet for the most frigid of days — will never go out of style, just ask Reese Witherspoon. Choose one in navy blue with nautical gold accents, layer it over a sweater and under a coat on colder days and pair it with your Breton striped tee come spring.

Wet N Wild / MAC Dups. w/ ColorIcon Spring 2011 Collection Part 1

So sorry.....:(..... my camera went on the blink!  But I will post the eyeshadow swatches as soon as possible.

Thanxs  xoxoxoxo