Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Achieve Perfect Smokey Eyes - Makeup Looks, Tips and Tricks

What You Will Need

- Petroleum jelly or makeup primer.
- At least 3 eyeshadows in different shades of the one colour. Blacks and greys work the best, while blue, green and purple tones may also be used depending on your eye color.
- Dark kohl eyeliner. Once again black is the best but the effect can still be achieved with grey or even blue.
- A makeup brush set containing eyeshadow sponges, eyeshadow brushes of different sizes and a large blush or kabuki brush.
- Translucent dusting powder.
- A thick voluminising mascara, once again preferably in black.
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Estee Lauder Signature Eye Shadow Quad in Black Smoke Gives a Dramatic Eye ...

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NYX smokey eye palette has produced many incarnations of eye makeup ...


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Kat Von D Adora Eye Palette Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer in Smoky ...

How to Achieve Sexy Smokey Eyes

The method for this is quite simple.
Before you start, you might like to use a primer or a small amount of petroleum jelly on the eyelids. This makes the effect last a lot longer.
1. Base colour.
Choose the medium colour out of your 3 eyeshadows and use it to cover the eyelid just up past the crease. Also use this shade to lightly add a bit of definition to the outer corner of your lower eyelid.

2. Highlight colour.
Blending well, use the lightest shade above the medium eyeshadow, up onto the brow bone. This will create a "highlighted" effect and define your eyes, as well as make them pop.
3. Shadow colour.
Using the darkest colour you have select it place it on the lowest parts of the upper lid, close to where you would put eyeliner.
4. Blend!
Blend these colours well so you can still see 3 shades if you look closely, but make sure they have a gradient effect.

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