Thursday, January 3, 2013


This adorable new blush from Physician's Formula is quite lovely.  This is actually very similar to some of there other products just that the packaging is different.  I personally love the packaging its very appealing and quite girly! There description of the product reads as follows;
Irresistibly Sexy Blushing Glow: Wear this perfect blend of shimmery blushing tones like lingerie for your face for an instant sexy boost with an alluring blushing glow.
Sexy Boosting Formula: infused with the scent of warm vanilla, "afterglow" illumination and pheromone-mimicking ingredients including clinically tested Androstadienone, Cocoa Extract (aka "the Love Chemical") and ancient aphrodisiac Horny Goatweed to enhance your sexy side

It does give off a very flushed blushing glow, I have this in the color Natural, it also comes in the color Rose, but its slightly shimmery so if you tend to have very oily skin this isn't something you want to use as a regular blush it emphasizes your pores.  I've been using it as a flushed highlight.  If you have normal to dry skin this would actually look amazing especially in the summer with a tan.

Oh, and the sent is so alluring!! It smells like a soft vanilla musk.  If you don't like heavily scented products you won't like this, it's not that suttle but the scent will wear off after a couple of hours.  The staying power is average about 4-6 hours nothing amazing. It retails for about $11.95 and can be found at your local CVS or Walmart or Wallgreens.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laura Mercier Brightening Powder Dupe!!!


The absolute best dupe for the Laura Mercier Brightening Powder is the Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder available at Target.  These 2 products are identical with regards to the main ingredients. It has a very silky fined milled texture, but powdery at the same time. Personally I find it a bit drying for use under the eye area, either one, but for the rest of the face it's fine.  Best used as a setting powder than a brightener.  The price comparison is ridiculous;

Laura Mercier Brightening Powder - $22.00 @

Sonia Kashuk Brightening Powder- $10.39 @

 So you guys decide, why pay more!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hey Everybody!!! I'm back and so happy to be back on track with my Blog.  I've had an incredibly busy year business and personal, and it's what kept me away! I'll be easing back into the swing of things mainly on my blog.  I'll have posts on reviews and pics of new stuff I'm doing at least a couple of days a week.  My videos will come later.  I'm trying to get some decent lighting so you can get better quality.  There are so many new products coming out that I'm super excited about and they'll all be reviewed here!!!  Let's not forget Halloween is right around the corner, my favorite time of the year, it's a makeup artist dream so I'll be posting some fun creations soon!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sigma Beauty Palettes are here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally these coveted palettes have arrived and I've already ordered mine.  I ordered Bare and Dare, the anticipation was killing me these look amazing and the payoff will give the Urban Decay Naked palette a run for its money especially considering that Sigma included more matte shades which I'm really excited about.  MakeupbyTiffanyD on YT has reviewed these palettes Sigma gave her the exclusive and in watching I fell in love with these palettes. If your interested in seeing that review here's the link

Stay tuned for swatches and tutorials using these palettes as soon as I get them.

Go to Sigma and get yours today!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

6 beauty crimes to avoid this summer

Make sure your summer beauty palette isn't making you commit a serious beauty crime!
Make sure your summer beauty palette isn't making you commit a serious beauty crime! Credit:, lusi
Ready to update your summer makeup palette? Lightening up your makeup bag to do away with heavy foundation and liquid products that will slide off in the heat is the first step towards your seasonal makeover. Elle beauty experts tell us summer's hottest beauty trends include pumped-up lip shades, and bold swipes of neon and jewel tones on the eyes. Can you pull off these runway-inspired trends like a pro? It's possible if you avoid some common beauty mistakes.
Here are six beauty crimes to avoid this summer:
#1: Wrong Brow Color
If your hair tends to lighten up naturally from all that extra sun exposure during the summer, make sure your brows are following suit. Thick and shapely brows are a hot trend for summer, but if you're going to fill them in with brow powder, make sure the powder is a perfect match! Going too light or too dark will be a dead giveaway of an artificial brow.
#2: Going Bold on Eyes AND Lips
While this is the season to turn up the color with neon hues and jewel tones, you need to do it on just one feature. Turning up the color on the eyes and lips will put you in the "overkill" category. Choose just a single feature you want to highlight for the day, and pick a color that complements your skin tone and natural eye color.
#3: Cakey and Flaky Foundation
If your skin tends to get drier during the summer months, liquid foundation has a high risk of caking and flaking on you by mid-day. If you're wearing too much foundation, your makeup may end up melting on you in the summer heat. Stick with a layer of primer, tinted moisturizer and mineral makeup for your skin type to create a flawless look this season.
#4: Lip Liner Mismatch
When you're sporting shimmering lip gloss and nude lipstick tones this season, make sure you're wearing lip liner that disappears underneath. Darker lip liner is a beauty crime in any season, but will be more apparent during the summer months when you choose more natural-looking shades.
#5: Blush Overload
Wearing blush with bronzer is a great way to warm up your look and create a flawless, sun-kissed finish -- just don't overdo it. Make sure you're choosing a powder blush that is in the right color family for your skin, and blend it thoroughly with an oversized blush brush to create the natural contours you need this summer.
#6: The Tanning Booth Routine
As much as you want to sport that just-got-back-from-the-Caribbean look before you sport a swimsuit this summer, hitting the tanning booth a few times per week will put you at an increased risk for skin cancer. It's also the fast track to getting wrinkles and sun spots. Stick with the bronzer and sunless tanners to warm up your look this season, and keep your tanning booth visits to a minimum -- skipping the tanning booth altogether is ideal.

Friday, June 3, 2011

MAC & Gareth Pugh Collection for Fall 2011

Get set everyone this is gonna be one of those collections that everyone is gonna want, a definate must have!!! So be prepaired to shop!!  So basically MAC and Gareth Pugh, the designer, have come together to launch a new collection for Fall 2011 be prepaired it's gonna be rich and decadent!! Gareth Pugh's collections are autobiographical rather than referential, and draw inspiration from Britain's extreme club scene. To me he's the next Alexander McQueen, rest his soul.  Set to launch in November, can't wait...