Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MEHRON Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment

I am in AWE...Mehron not only has a great product but the most courteous customer service. I attended The Makeup Show in NYC this month and purchased a tube of this product from the Mehron booth.  When I finally went through my goodies from the show I came to find that the tube was EMPTY! You can imagine my disappointment.  I can only guess that it must of been a tester that got mix in with the rest for purchase.  I than emailed Susan Small with public relations for Mehron and received an immediate response with an apology and an offer to have it replaced.  I was so excited!!! When I received my package I was happily surprised, they had sent me all three in the collection light, medium and dark!!    

Now those of you who know me know that I have oily skin so I was excited to test this product out and can honestly say that it's AMAZING!! I have tried other products before and some work and some didn't but nun lasted as long as this product did or were as inexpensive.  You can use this under your foundation or over your makeup to keep the shine away during the course of the day.  This has a primer like texture and blends seamlessly into your skin and it's not greasy or the other extreme flaky. 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an anti shine product that actually works and is inexpensive. This product will be a staple in my kit and in my purse!

Thank you Mehron!!!! :) 

Mehron Product Description:
Mehron has formulated an incredible new Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment which removes shine instantly. The Tubes of Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment come in Dark Tint, Medium Tint and Light Tint. Just a dab of Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment removes the shine from makeup instantly. The Touch-Up™ Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment is one of the tricks that makeup artists keep in their bag for their on camera performers. This translucent formula developed exclusively by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, removes the shine with just a dab.

Price $8.95


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