Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Bridal Beauty

It's finally over and done it brings me back to Diane's wedding day she'd be so proud of her first born!! 
Kate looked absolutely beautiful and to find out that she did her own makeup herself, well that took me back a bit!! You go girl!!!  


After lessons from a top London Makeup Artist, Kate took her look to the next level.

Can we tell you why we're loving Kate's makeup? Besides the fact that she looks flawless—she did it herself! This modern royal was confident in applying the makeup for the big day after private lessons with London makeup artist Arabella Preston. Middleton made sure to her give tan complexion a bronze glow and highlighted the prominent planes of the face. Her brows are filled in but the overall arch is very soft—it frames her face beautifully. We love that she blended the eyes softly and steered clear from the harsh liner she sometimes sports—her blue peepers pop from the smokey bronze shades! Kate contoured her cheeks with a rosy bronze powder and gave the apples a pop pink/peach color to brighten her face. She kept lips subtle and fresh with a nude pink shade. We're so proud of her skills, she's a true confident beauty ready to rule. We can't wait to tell you which products she wore to get her signature bridal look so stay tuned!

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