Thursday, April 14, 2011


I can't say enough about this event it was incredible all the vendors and the people that were there were so incredibly nice and helpful!!
Like any event it had it's Pro's and Con's.  The site chosen this year was amazing, I really did enjoy the locale, it was definately access friendly for all.  The IMATS staff were amazingly sweet and accomadating...thanx you guys!!!!!

Now... I was pleasantly surprised by most of the vendors especially EYE KANDY and NAKED and dissapointed in 1(one)!!  Let's just get to that, INGLOT!!  That had to be the most unorganized booth I had ever seen!! The holiday rush at the mall is more organized than that was...yeeeessssh!  I was literally on line for two and half hours before I even came close to the booth itself.  When I finally got there people were jumping the line and trying to get in and choosing there colors which meant other people couldn't pick there's, it was such a mess!!! :(

I did manage to meet a couple of my favorite guru's Koren from Enkore Makeup and Julieg713 even though I only got a picture with'm such a spazzzz!!!  I also got to meet Tate from Face-Off!!!!  

I'll be doing a haul video soon so you guys can see what I picked up!!! :)          

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