Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Amazing tips for the Winter "10 Winter Skincare Tips"

10 winter skincare tips

1. Opt for oil-based moisturizers“Dr. Shamban says the main switch in your winter skin care regimen should be selecting an oil-based moisturizer, so look for one that contains avocado or almond oil. These “will lock the moisture in your skin and build a protective layer on the top surface,” says Dr. Shamban. “Water based moisturizers can be damaging to your skin, especially during cold climate, because the water freezes in your skin.” Apply liberally whenever your skin feels dry.

2. Don’t forget your sunscreen
Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean the sun isn’t strong, especially when it can reflect off snow. Dr. Shamban suggests applying an SPF 15-30 to your face (and hands if they’re exposed) about 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply if you’re spending the day outside.

3. Use a humidifier
Heat can dry out more than just your sinuses. With added moisture in the air, your skin won’t be as flaky.

4. Avoid very hot water

It may feel good, but Dr. Shamban says you should never shower, bathe or wash your face with extremely hot water. “It can not only break the capillaries in the face, but also break down the lipid barriers in the skin, which will lead to a loss of moisture.” She says adding a few drops of Jojoba or almond oil to a bath can nourish and hydrate dry skin.

5. Hydrate skin while it's damp
Applying moisturizer immediately after taking a shower or washing your face will help lock-in moisture.

6. Never ever lick your lips
Stash soothing lip balms in your purse, car, and desk to keep lips from chapping. Dr. Shamban says you can also apply few drops of olive oil mixed with few drops of honey to your lips for few minutes to hydrate.

7. Swap your liquid foundation for a cream formula
Liquid foundation can actually freeze! “One of the benefits of using cream is that it will give your skin an extra protective layer and help keep the moisture in your skin,” says Dr. Shamban.

8. Don’t ever leave the house with wet hair

Have you ever had your hair freeze in the cold? This will cause damage to your scalp and hair can actually break off, so it may be better to shower in the evening. Since hair can get dry and damaged just like our skin, protect it by conditioning more in the winter and blow dry hair on a cooler setting.

9. Wear a hat to prevent a dry scalp
Besides keeping you warm, a hat will hold in moisture and protect your scalp from dry air and flaking. Make sure your hat is not too tight and made of breathable material.

10. Give your hands extra love
“The skin on our hands are extremely thin, which means they already have a limited amount of moisture,” says Dr. Shamban. Apply moisturizer frequently, especially after washing your hands, and avoid cotton gloves, which absorb moisture and stay wet.

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